Kill mosquitoes

You can make scientifically proven DIY mosquito traps using materials and supplies from your local hardware or gardening store – plastic buckets and simple pesticides.  A plastic bucket trap can be very effective, and allows you to use pesticides without releasing them into the environment where they can kill good insects, like bees.

Building mosquito traps at a workshop
Building mosquito traps at a workshop

These traps are based on scientific research publications from the CDC, and numerous governments and universities around the world. They work – for instance, research in Australia shows that more than 90% of dengue mosquitoes can be eliminated using these AGO-traps, aka “autocidal gravid ovitraps.” [Williams CR et al, 2007]

Make a simple trap…. this mosquito trap will last a month. It uses boric acid and ant dust. Very easy to make, and cheap. Ideal for anyone to make.

Make a four month trap…. this mosquito trap will last four months but it is harder to make! It’s ideal for a community to make together.

Remember, you must also ruthlessly eliminate mosquito breeding sites. Empty bottles, cans, tires, even coconut shells must be removed or made safe.  Not just on your lot, but also your neighbors’.

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