I live in Kehena, on the Big Island of Hawaii.  We are having (starting in September 2015) an outbreak of dengue fever.  Like a lot of my neighbors, I want to do something to protect this wonderful place we live in!

Even without the dengue fever, wouldn’t it be great to have fewer mosquitoes?

Research from the World Health Organization, Australia, Philippines, Brazil and elsewhere, shows that an active community response is an important part of the answer.  And in many places, that means using mosquito traps, aka lethal ovitraps or autocidal gravid ovitraps – a fancy way of saying a trap that kills female mosquitoes that want to lay eggs.  AGO traps can break the cycle of disease transmission – from person to mosquito to person to mosquito…

Lastly, this outbreak is a leading indicator of things to come.  If we cannot control this one, or rely on blind luck to beat it, then eventually we will lose.  There are a lot of mosquito-borne diseases out there.

Someone asked about my background:  I’m a retired scientist, with a PhD in Physics.

Contact us:  mosquitotraps@hotmail.com.   Very happy to hear of suggestions, ideas, ways to make it easier to make, or ways to explain it better!