Where to Get Supplies

This is a short list of where to get supplies.  It is mainly for people living on the Big Island of Hawaii, and Puna in particular.  Availability changes rapidly and unpredictably, so you may want to call the supplier first.

We are including clickable-links to Amazon (click the images) as well as local suppliers.  Please note not all products can be shipped to Hawaii, in particular some liquids.

Check the ingredients before you buy it – many products have similar names but very different ingredients.

To learn more about what the chemicals do, their toxicity, usage, etc., see the Chemicals page.

Landing Pad Poisons, for killing the females

Terro Ant Killer Dust

Contains 0.05% deltamethrin.  Very fine powder that blows around easily – do not inhale.

Get it at Home Depot, Garden Exchange, Amazon.


Bifenthrin is available from vendors as Talstar, or Bifen. They are liquids (not granules!) and have a concentration of 7.9%.  Do not use oil-based versions of bifenthrin.


These must be diluted before use.

These can be obtained from Amazon (but check if shipping to Hawaii is permitted) or locally at Farm Supply Cooperative in downtown Hilo.



Water Bath Poisons, for killing the larvae and eggs

Roach Powder

Most of us are familiar with boric acid, either as Roach Powder or as a medicinal product. Very easy to find in hardware stores, drug stores, Amazon, etc.

Altosid Pro-G

Altosid contains S-methoprene, an insect growth regulator. Crop Production Services (935-7191) in Hilo carry it for about $30 plus tax.  Amazon also has it. This amount will treat 20,000 gallons (!), and is also good for treating open water, although it affects fish. Co-op with your neighbors.

Mosquito Torpedoes contain a slow release methoprene, and are carried by Home Depot and Amazon. Last 60 days (but you’ll still have to retreat the landing pad at 30 days).


Spinosad is a chemical produced by soil bacteria. It is effective against mosquitoes and many other insects, and is listed as approved for use in Organic Gardening.
You can get it at Garden Exchange and Farmers Supply Cooperative in Hilo, and other gardening stores.  It is also available on Amazon.  It can be very long lasting provided it is not exposed to sunlight.  See the Four Month Trap.

BTi – Bacillus Thuringiensis

BT is mostly used for treating standing water that cannot be drained, such as ponds, bromeliads, rain barrels, etc.

Mosquito Bits are widely available at hardware and garden stores.  IMPORTANT: these only last two weeks, so you must reapply that often.

Mosquito Dunks are widely available at hardware and garden stores. Last 30 days. Break into small pieces for small volumes of water.



 There are a variety of spray paints that can be used on plastic.  You might find that automotive sprays are cheaper. But, cheap spray paints are cheap and do not have good density.
Builders Paper, or drop cloth paper.  This is a heavy weight paper that is stable when wet.  You can get it at Ace Hardware, Home Depot, Amazon, etc. It will last four weeks saturated with water.

Picaridin insect repellant

I am sensitive to most repellents because of perfumes, and some of the chemicals, so I hate DEET and similar.  I have found that picaridin based repellents work for me.  I use this one, that I got from Amazon:
It’s made by Sawyer.



Note: We use Amazon-associate links here to show pictures of the products (they’ll keep them up to date, etc.)  It does mean we get a small commission on sales generated here.  Where possible, we list local suppliers – always call first to check they have it in stock.