TrapNKillVolunteers are needed to set and maintain commercial mosquito traps (TrapNKill) in public areas that are not being protected by anyone else. These traps have been paid for by donations from the community at gofundme.com/wefightdengue.

What does a volunteer do?

In areas like the county water spigots, parks, open spaces and so on, volunteers will set out mosquito traps to catch the dengue mosquitoes.

What you’ll do:
  • Evaluate the site and determine how many to set
  • Do careful breeding site elimination (often with help from additional volunteers)
  • Mark where you put them on a map we’ll provide and (if possible) take a photo of each trap with your phone.
  • Every two weeks, check the traps to make sure they have not dried out, been removed or damaged
  • Ten weeks after you set the traps, refresh them (a two or three minute process), reporting if any mosquito eggs are seen.

As of 2/27/16 we have volunteers for:

  • Oleana Point
  • Red Road above Kehena Beach
  • Seaview Pavilion Park
  • Seaview Front Lawn
  • Kalapana
  • Cemetery at Kaimu
  • The county water spigot at Kaimu
  • The community area at Nanawale Estates
  • Mailboxes in Kehena
  • Kua O Ka La school


Finally, we welcome suggestions for additional sites! We’re looking for sites where lots of people go, and no one is taking care of the place.  If you have contacts at places like that, please put us in touch with them.  For instance, what about other markets?  Other beaches?  Campgrounds? Parks?  Send ideas to: mosquitotraps@hotmail.com.