We Fight Dengue

Update: we were very successful raising this money in just a few weeks, and purchased the traps from SpringStar.  They were deployed across lower Puna during the peak of the Dengue outbreak.

Mahalo to everyone who contributed money or time to this project, and mahalo also to the Hawaii Crop Improvement Association who subsidized this project with a significant donation directly to SpringStar.

We Fight Dengue is a community-funded project to purchase and deploy over 500 commercial traps for high risk areas in lower Puna on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Why do we need these? People take care of their homes, but no one is looking after the beach, the point, the water spigot, the market, or that nearby abandoned house, or …. These are places where no one is putting out mosquito traps.

We’ll focus on high-traffic, vector-rich areas and on our neighbors who – for whatever reason – are unable to take care of themselves.  We’ll combine this with education and breeding site eradication.

At this point in time, we are at 90% of the target! We have set out traps in Kalapana, Kaimu at the water spigot, Kaimu at the cemetery, Kehena Beach (parking area), Kehena Mailboxes, Oleana Point, Seaview Front Lawn, Seaview Pavilion, Nanawale community center, and the Kua O Ka La school on the Red Road.

If you have more suggestions, please let us know!

We won’t stop our DIY trap-making workshops and education.  Traps will become a way of life here, just like learning how to maintain your catchment tank or deal with LFAs.

The commercial TrapNKill traps are a necessary response to the urgency of this outbreak. We’re getting them at a great price – $5.40 per trap with a refresh kit that will keep them working for six months. Street price is over $15 (HomeDepot.com). Thanks to the Hawaii Crop Improvement Association for donating money to this cause! Once these traps are gone, we won’t get the subsidy and the price will increase significantly.

Please donate now, and better yet, also volunteer to deploy these traps!  Contact me at mosquitotraps@hotmail.com.