Free Mosquito Trap Workshops

Mosquito Trap Workshop
Seaview Mosquito Trap Workshop

We’ve had about twenty workshops in the last several months, and probably around four hundred people attended.  I hope that means there are a few thousand traps out there killing mosquitoes!

Upcoming mosquito trap events:

  • No more events are planned at this point.  Please contact me at mosquitotraps at hotmail com if you want to organize an event.

Attendees only need to bring suitable containers – we will be providing the materials (chemicals) for the Basic Trap and the Four Month Trap.

Suitable containers for the Basic Trap include 2 quart jars (or larger, no lids) and buckets with smooth inside walls (ie not all scraped up).  The Four Month Trap requires plastic 3 gallon or larger buckets with smooth inside walls and lids.  Black is best, but containers don’t have to be black, because they can be painted or wrapped in plastic.

TrapNKillWe also will have a limited number of commercial TrapNKill traps available for a donation. Our cost is $5.40 which includes one refresh kit, so the set will last for 20 weeks.  We hope you will donate more than that so that we can deploy these in public places.  Sadly, I have run out of these traps at this point.  I’m talking with the manufacturer to get more, but the great subsidy from the Hawaii Crop Improvement Association is no longer available.

Contact if you want more information.  Better yet, help set up a workshop in your community.